Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Anna Butterfield: Saving the best to last -- November 18 Seedy Sunday

The November edition of Seedy Sunday is on, after an unexpected hiccup with the September event.

I will be talking about how you can save money, save heritage, save  biodiversity, and save your food all by saving seeds. All it takes is a love of gardening and observation skills. I'll show you the tips and tricks to selecting plants to save seed from and how to harvest , clean and store them.

Remember to bring your labelled seeds, produce and useful plants for the swap table.

Read more about Anna and seed saving at LovePlantLife.com

Thursday, 13 September 2012

September Seedy Sunday is Cancelled

Due to forces not aligning, we've had to cancel this weekend's Seedy Sunday.
We'll see you in November. 

Warm regards,
Team Seedy Sunday

Friday, 20 July 2012

July 29: Garden planning & Crop rotation with Kath Irvine

✿  July 29, 3pm  ✿
Paraparaumu Community Centre, Ngahina St


Garden planning & Crop rotation
with Kath Irvine

All excited about this year's garden? Wondering what to plant where? Confused by the term crop rotation? You're not alone...

Kath Irvine will join us this month to help put us on track for a beautiful and bountiful growing season ahead. 

Remember to bring your labelled seeds, plants and produce for the swap table. 

Entry by donation.

Edible Backyard

Former KCDC Green Gardener Kath Irvine's idyllic Edible Backyard offers a range of workshops and events to truly captivate, inspire and empower people to grow amazing gardens. Sign up to her newsletter and receive a monthly dose of inspiration, advice, recipes and warmth from Kapiti's gardening goddess.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Need some help in the garden?

The Paraparaumu College 1st XI boys hockey team is fundraising for a week-long tournament in Auckland. They have 14 well-behaved boys, aged 13-17, and their parents who can clear, chop, stack, carry, pick,
pick up, cut, lift, dig, tidy… anything considered! Rate for 12-14 boys is $500 for four hours--that‘s around $10 an hour per worker. (Adults thrown in for free!)

Call Penelope Christoffel on  06 364-3374 or  021 104-6772, or email padandpen@xtra.co.nz.

Friday, 27 April 2012

April 29 - Seedy Sunday

Wonderful things are happening in Kapiti! And here's the proof:

5 speakers will talk to you about their amazing local community projects.
Come and hear the exciting things going on in your community!

Bring your carefully labelled seeds, plants or produce along and swap them.
Entry by donation.

See you Sunday!
Community Centre, Ngahina St, Paraparaumu

Monday, 13 February 2012

Confirmed Seedy Sunday Dates 2012

The calendar has been scribbled on, the hall has been booked, the presenters have been earmarked and the seeds are all ready to go... here are the dates for this year's Seedy Sundays

  •  Sunday April 29, 3pm 
  •  Sunday July 29, 3pm 
  •  Sunday September 16, 3pm
  •  Sunday November 18, 3pm 

All meetings will be held at the Paraparaumu Community Centre, Ngahina St (by the library).

 Despite all my bestest efforts some changes may occur later in the year. Please keep checking back for latest updates or subscribe in the right-hand column.

Edible Backyard Summer Festival

The lovely Kath Irvine has invited to give seedsaving workshops at the Edible Backyard Summer Festival this February. I’ll also have the new collection of LovePlantLife Seeds available. Very excited! I’ve been to a herbal workshop at Kath’s before and can’t wait to spend two days back there in her wonderful garden with such a fantastic group of presenters.
There are no doorsales for this event so email kath@ediblebackyard.co.nz to book your place today!

Thursday, 9 February 2012


Happy new year everyone! I can't believe it's February already. But finally, we're seeing some of that summer scorcher weather.

Confirmed dates for Seedy Sundays in 2012 will be up by the end of the week. Just putting a few more ducks in rows and we'll be all go :)