The basics

The Seedy Sunday exchange table is for the exchange of 'useful' seeds, plants and produce. By useful, we mean edible plants and support species (this includes pretty flowers). We realise that all plants have their uses but have a prejudice against agapanthus and prefer you leave your succulents at home. Other items may also be accepted (worm pee is popular).

When people come in they can ‘check-in’ items that they wish to swap, receiving tokens in return. There will be someone sorting what is brought in into divisions and deciding on the amount of tokens to be given in exchange.

Suggestions for a ‘token’ would be a packet of seeds (please label seeds with as much info as you have), a head of lettuce, a potted vege seedling, a potted herb cutting, a bunch of fresh herbs, a couple of lemons etc.

Please make sure everything is labelled correctly - including whether produce is chemical-free. There is good information for labelling seeds here.

The token doesn’t denote a monetary value, just a swap item.

Amounts will be generalised.

After everything has been checked in the swap table will be open for swapping, usually after the presenter.

Tokens cannot be redeemed or exchanged once the event is over.

Any items not swapped will remain with SSK and will be presented again at future swap meets where possible.

All items are as is, where is. SSK takes no responsibility for incorrectly-labelled items, sudden plant death or viability problems.

Tokens cannot be redeemed or exchanged once the event is over.

Tokens have no monetary value and are only valid at the swap meet of supply.

We do this for love - so please be kind.